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Voting and Submissions End June 22nd 2018

1. Choose Your Beat(s) from The Beat Player. Click Here

2. Record the One Take (only rule is that the audio and video are to be recorded in one take together or separately)

3. Upload Your Video To YouTube (channel of your choice)

4. Submit Your Video/YouTube link On The Submission Page Here
(Submissions take up to 24 hours to go Live)

5. Use the link sent to your email to promote your One Take Entry and start getting shares on your entry to get the 100 needed to qualify to win.

(If you need to see examples of how your one take can be done click here to see past winners as there is an example of each acceptable format)

The Winner

$2,500.00 CASH MONEY!!

A Feature from Futuristic On A Song Of Your Choice!!!

Your One Take will get uploaded to the Buffnerds YouTube with over 740,000 subscribers!

Winning Entry Will Be Also Be Uploaded to Facebook by Futuristic & AKT Aktion totaling over 2 million followers.

(Also posted on Futuristic’s Twitter and Instagram with your @UserName Tagged)

The Runner Up

$300.00 CASH MONEY!

2nd Place will Be Also Be Uploaded to Facebook by Futuristic & AKT Aktion totaling over 2 million followers.

3rd Place

$200.00 CASH MONEY!

3rd Place will Be Also Be Uploaded to Facebook by Futuristic & AKT Aktion totaling over 2 million followers.


Where Do I Get The Beat(s)?

Get Your Beat Today!

How Is The Winner Chosen?

We will be using Facebook Shares on your entry as votes. You will need to have at least 100 Votes/Shares to qualify for the winning circle.
From there a large panel including Futuristic and AKT Aktion will decide the top entries.

How Many Entries Can I Make?

You can enter multiple times on different beats if you choose. Just remember you will need to get your entries 100 Facebook shares on your entry on to qualify to win.

Do I Have To Use A Professional Studio?

NO!! You can record this anywhere you like. If you don’t have access to a recording set up you can even play the beat in the background and record it with your phone!! This is a NO EXCUSES contest, anyone should be able to make this happen. We will not be judging the entries on quality of sound, but only voice, flow, delivery, punchlines etc. etc.. We still recommend you make an effort to make it sound as good as possible within your means.

Can I Add Effects To The Audio Or Video?

Yes! You may add effects to the audio and the video as well. The only rule is that you record the audio and video in ONE TAKE!  No punch ins or Looping when recording the audio and no cuts/edits on the video.

Can I Alter the Beat?

Yes.. You may make chops, cuts, slow it down, speed it up what ever you want.

Can I Use the Beat How Ever I Want?

Yes.. You can put it on albums, mix-tapes, videos or what ever you want. Even if you don’t enter you can use the beat how ever you want to.

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