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Lord Z by: Lord Z

One Take Contest 2018 by: Vin Jay

Ghost in the Shell (Somebody Else RMX) by: Ruffian Rugged & Misses U

Jordan Snipes flame one take by: Jordan Snipes


OverLoad (OneTake Contest) by: Johnny MC

One Take Contest by: Gas Money

RDM RealDefinitiveMusic One Take V3 by: RealDefinitiveMusic

Molotov Cocktail by: SerKon

BEN onetake 2018 by: BEN

So Syk by: The Bad Ass Rap Surgeon

Disorderly Conduct ONE TAKE CONTEST V3 by: AltioAraza

Seuss Mace IT by: Seuss Mace

Filthy Smallz one take contest by: Filthy Smallz

Put Your Hands Up by: Diabetic God

Reflex by: F8L

VaLtini: One Take Rap Contest by: VaLtini

ONE TAKE by: Kihndyn Peters

One Take Contest 2k18 by: Sha Tillman

No One Is Safe by: Chase Martin

So Bold by: Seth, the Producer

Qswole has fun showing nothing but HEAT in AZ by: QSWOLE

United by: S.O.S Mjolnir

Kid Fresh Problem One Take Contest Entry by: Kid Fresh

Swipe Left by: Danny Hatem

Emerge by: Kanucd

Max Thomson by: Max Thomson

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