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Pay Close Attention by: Sef-Lo

This Is Hip Hop by: Young Castro

Testify by: Ethan Martin

Mike Crigs OneTakeV2: Run it Down by: Mike Crigs

onetakecontest by: Exostiv

SYko One Take Contest Vol 2 by: SYko

One Take by: Jarv

Youre Not Alone by ILL Ambition by: ILL Ambition

Native American Rapper King Blizz One Take by: King Blizz

The Come Up by: Dre Osborne

As told by Ginger by: John D. Contradiction

Expose the family by: 16 B.A.R.S. aka The Bad Ass Rap Surgeon

C10Production OneTake by: DJ_EGGSHELLS

Corey S One Take by: Corey S

One Take by: Lil Chris

New Beginnings by: Euphorik

Is It Rigged by: Cocinaughty

Heat To The Court by: Yully

Big Deal by: roundstreet

15 year old rapper (MC17) by: MC17

Space Bound by: Nick Hepler

BMW (boy meet world) one take contest V2 by: Ciryus The Modern Marvel

One Take Contest: ThatRapperTesla by: Tesla

14 year old rapper dinamite kills One Take Contest by: Dinamite

Futuristic Bars Contest by: Drewsus

One Take King by: AfroKing

machinegun by: MR. P

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