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One Take Contest 2017 by: AM the Meister

Know The Name by: J-Rush

So Fresh Verse by: Omen Primeiro

One Take Contest V2 by: Icemann

AKay the Pharaoh One Take by: AKay the Pharaoh

No More by: TreDay

South African Flow by: Crusif Eye

One Take Contest Entry 2017 by: B-Guy Griffin

One Take Contest V2 Dilliano what is life by: Dilliano

Ashtin Larold OneTake Round 2 by: Ashtin Larold

Mad Squablz Contest Entry One Take Contest V 2 by: Mad Squablz


Legend ONE TAKE V2 by: Austin Lynch

Just Watch by: Kapable

Lane Wison I Am The GOAT by: Lane Wilson

Jaye Is Comin by: JOSHUA|jaye

MikeraphoneONETAKECONTEST by: Mikeraphone

Spaceball One Take by: PROFESSOR FRESH

Switch It Up by: Kid Kali & Nick Lowther

S6xWright ONETAKE CONTEST ENTRY 2017 by: S6xWright

81 Rhymes In 24 Bars by: Durand

One take rap contest entry by: Envious

Fosho by: Teejay

1 take fresh by: Jd

Brandon Stuch KILLS his One Take Entry while on House Arrest by: Brandon Stuch

Jake Hill One Take Contest entry by: Jake Hill

Psychotic by: Psychotic

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