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Mike Crigs OneTakeV2: Run it Down by: Mike Crigs

onetakecontest by: Exostiv

Big Deal by: roundstreet

Corey S One Take by: Corey S

Expose the family by: 16 B.A.R.S. aka The Bad Ass Rap Surgeon

17 Year Old Australian Spitting On 2 Beats by: Juwan

Youre Not Alone by ILL Ambition by: ILL Ambition

Notorious by: T Money

Lane Wison I Am The GOAT by: Lane Wilson

The Come Up by: Dre Osborne

Chino Smokez One Take by: Chino Smokez

I AM THE GOAT by: Miggy Bars

SYko One Take Contest Vol 2 by: SYko

Introspection One Take Rap Contest 2017 by: Kennall Twist

onetakecontest submission by: Phylinx

Wolf by: Akira

One Take Contest Entry by: Technition

How I See It by: Da Don Don

Mr by: Wreckless \"The 5th African\"

15 year old rapper (MC17) by: MC17

Call Me Corbi K by: Corbi K

One Shot Bars by: L├║zido (Said like \"Lou-See-dough\" with the pronunciation on the first syllable)

Pay Close Attention by: Sef-Lo

Poetry Slam by: Mike the Poet

Bring It Back by: Esse

Raj Mahal One Take Rap Contest Submission by: Raj Mahal

Filament by: El Santo

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