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No Ones Safe by: Nat20

No One Is Safe by: Lane Altn

No Luck by: Juice Bruns

BLee One Take by: B.Lee The Sav

Low End Academy by: Chuckie Duke

BOUT IT by: I.D.

Never by: Johnny Wakemup

One Take 2018 by: Br!Lee

All I Need by: Pynt

OneTake by: FatT ZakK

Smokehouse by: Smokehouse

TYKI OneTakeContest by: TYKI

Celebrate by: The 33rd


Jetes Therapy (One Take Contest) by: Jetes

OneTakeContest 2018 Feel Like by: G.umfvnk

Hold On by: roundstreet

Villains by: MC Rapidash

So Syk by: The Bad Ass Rap Surgeon

Lottery Ticket 2 by: Nate C.

One Take contest by: LiVi

One Take Contest Entry by: Icarus Raps

Skateboard na missao by: Floco

Dr 3xplicit One Take 2018 by: Dr. 3xplicit

Breaking News by: Toran Crush

TyShawn Dion holds no punches in the One Take Contest by: TyShawn Dion

I Guess (Prod By AKT Aktion) by: R3D

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