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Futurstic Tripp by: Tripp

JayTheInfluence ONETAKECONTEST by: JayTheInfluence

Gimme Da Bag (One Take Contest) by: Jr Weise

Onetake lll by: Joseph Daye

Wake Up One Take by: Surb

Mc out of Key west FL by: $hipwreck

No one is safe by: Fly Ry

Dont Touch Me by: Tommy Wrekz

Sprite by: Lyrical-G

Bingx One Take Contest Submission by: Bingx

Barz by: Trunkgod

MTB Freestyle (One Take) by: Vitale

FACTS by: Wax

RooX No one is safe onetake by: RooX

Build It Up by: Omnibus

One take contest 2018 by: X/$

So Long Ago by: Two Face Raw

All it takes is one take by: T.Beck

One Take Contest 3 Entry by: PoetiK

One Take by: Be Kay

Gambit One Take Contest V3 by: Gambit

One Take by: ETC

Get Wrecked by: Stephon René

One Take ((Slaymix)) by: Kilevrah Cash

One take contest by: Lc Joel

Staticz In The Cut by: J$taticz

One Take Contest Entry by: Mikey G

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