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Brien by: Brien

Ay BITH by: Elio


Futuristic One Take Contest Entry by: Selarom

Part 2 by: B-STRiCK

Just a Rapper by: B-STRiCK

Savage by: Little MASE

No One Is Safe by: Haleaux

Journey by: Ant Tha Giant

Black Zach Nobody Ls by: Black Zach

Freestyle by: I’m So Uche

So You Wanna Be A Rapper by: Exostiv

Take Your Shot by: Simple

One Take Contest Entry V3 by: WIZZ

Love Yourself by: Bendi

Downtime by: Camo Valentyne

Vbl one take by: VBL

ONE TAKE CONTEST by: Whyte Smoke

Did it better by: Take 2 X Retrojoker

Slyguy901 One Take Contest V3 by: Slyguy901

Nobody Knows Me by: CMC

OneTake by: The Hybrid

Yeah OneTakeContest 2018 by: BrutalTurn

Akil nobody else remix by: Akil

One Take Contest V3 by: Jaehross

The Kid And His Mind pt3 The Beginning by: Evan Upton

The Kid And His Mind pt2 Click Clack Bang by: Evan Upton

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