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All Me by: Lejitt

Daddyphatsnaps snaps by: Daddyphatsnaps

No One Is Safe Fettuccine by: Fettuccine

Insane by: Krisis The Nicest

Put Them Hands Up one take by: BSH (Ben Smiffy Hamilton

OneTake Contest by: EastSide Wes

Freestyle for OneTake contest by: Devin Brewer

Brien by: Brien

Did it better by: Take 2 X Retrojoker

Nobody Else by: Austin Shirk

VaLtini: One Take Rap Contest by: VaLtini

On That by: Drive

Like the Man by: MC Knowah

ONE TAKE CONTEST by: Whyte Smoke

Filthy Smallz one take contest by: Filthy Smallz

No Brakes One Take by: JOSHUAjaye

If The Shoe Fits by: CopyRyte

Yikez one take best barz never heard of white rapper by: Yikez

Skattabrain one take 2018 by: Skattabrain

Breaking it down by: BWS & Crazzy Cress

Slyguy901 One Take Contest V3 by: Slyguy901

Jordan Snipes flame one take by: Jordan Snipes

Bars Galore by: Krujay

KING by: Xplicit

monopoly by: Real Presence

One Take Rap Contest V3 by: Poser

A Father Scorned by: Killa Cali Hustle aka The Ghetto Nerd

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