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Remember by: Koason

ray tha novelist one take contest v2 by: Ray Tha Novelist

Who am I by: Levi Parker

Chino Smokez One Take by: Chino Smokez

BRTWLF One Take Contest V2 by: BRTWLF

Too Easy by: NERDS

PM by: Cesar (Say-Zar)

In The Game by: White Thunder

Bill One take by: BILL

SpazzMatik One take Entry by: SpazzMatik

Prynce Brainwaves ONETAKE by: Prynce

One Take by: Aze

Boston George One Take by: Boston George

The GOAT of Ogden City by: FRANKY D

I Can Dig It by: BSH

OneTakeContest 2017 by: G-Paper

Dually Noted (OneTakeContest) by: Noh Name

AlexTheGreat by: AlexTheGreat

R3D Hear Me Now One Take Contest V2 by: R3D

Baby Blue (One Take) by: StreetFighterLex

One Take Contest Entry by: Jakk Switzo

One Take Contest Vol2 by: STORY

Take One by: CONNOR

One Take Contest Entry by: Planet Jo

Expose the family by: 16 B.A.R.S. aka The Bad Ass Rap Surgeon

They Say ONE TAKE by: Zwigz

One Take Contest V2 by: Just Dev

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