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No Body Else by: DeAnte Darko

One Take v3 by: W?P aka Wønder ?ove Peacë

Shattered Peaces DissTrack by Elsan by: Elsan


Air Steezy One Take Contest Entry by: Air Steezy

Brake It Down by: SEMI AUTO OGNT

Check the Rhyme by: Jetic

One Take Amen by: Sk tha Wave

New Take by: Drenaline

Better late then never by: Perezident

OneTakeContest by: Pharaoh

Another Contest by: The ILLu$trata

But Im Still by: The Outsider

Deondra 4 President by: Deondra

One Take by: Noxek

Ntrikit Flow by: Ntrikit

Low End Academy by: Chuckie Duke

DOOMSDAY by: Sean Wyckoff

ONE TAKE by: Moticulous

Beat Killer by: O6scurity

Brain Virus by: Ink Dream

Knock Out by: LAWLESS

These KIds by: CHAD

Epic rap by: Green Screen Geekin\' (One Take Contest V.3)

Here I Go (Again) by: Itz Vapor

SHEESH by: Khantrast

SQUAD Music by: MiltonJ

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