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Out here nobody else remix by: Ghost

i cant think of a cool title by: alecDarius

3 BEATS 1 TAKE The Rich and Wealthy by: DRU

OneTake Contest Entry by: The Real HashBrown

Just a Rapper by: B-STRiCK

2 Beats In One Entry by: GRADY

Dusk by: Bobc@

Sesame STreeT by: Shane LoyaL

All Year by: Luix

Savage by: Little MASE

Insane with the BARS OneTakeContest V3 by: Jemisy

A Day in the Life by: Druce Wayne

Insurgency by: Big Buddy


Nobody Safe by: NK McNasty

We Winning by: Cory Nero

Onetakecontest by: DISSmissed

Im On It One Take by: 3Nigma

Learn From Mistakes by: Typo

With It One Take by: Ethan Martin

RECKLESS One Take Contest by: Reckless

One Take Contest 2018 by: evan

Ghost in the Shell (Somebody Else RMX) by: Ruffian Rugged & Misses U

Air Steezy One Take Contest Entry by: Air Steezy


H2O by: PmBata

Bob3OneTake by: Bob3 Koping

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