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Monsta One Take Contest by: Monsta

OneTake Challenge by: Wyld 7

BStone One Take V2 by: B$TONE


One Take Contest V2 by: D Sloan

20netake17 by: Bardledoo

Rap Battle vs The Devil by: Elysian

One take entry by: Johnny Woods

Stockholm Syndrome by: Roothle$$

Taking Ass and kicking names by: LSTG

Dark Road by: Riddy K

C10Production OneTake by: DJ_EGGSHELLS

One take challenge (I just wanna ride) by: DiZ

The Alchemist II by: Woods, the Mighty

Why Not by: Beno Ridez

One Take Contest V2 by: Joel Godri

Julius in One Take by: Juliu$

How You Know ( Wearing the Crown) by: TheWideOwl

one take contest by: briii601

Prince of Arizona by: Luii Misfit

Pancakes by: A.N.T.

Massacre by: J.O.E.

Side B Track One by: Surreal

Homicide by: DizzyEight

One Take 2017 by: Colt Dunham

One Take prod AKTAktion by: Davis Absolute

Imma Make It Educational by: Commercial

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