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RooX No one is safe onetake by: RooX

GENIUS Drops shocking freestyle rap of the year by: Genius

One Take by: Concept Black

Earth Is Flat by: Xavier

D2unez Onyx by: D2unez (Pronounced dee tunes)

Keifa and Serra by: Jetic

Molotov Cocktail by: SerKon

Ryean OneTakeContest 2018 by: Ryean

OneTake by: FatT ZakK

One Take by: ETC

DOUBLE ENTENDRE by: Suave The Performer

Poor Me by: Zar-Ka$m

I aint Futuristic by: Dr. Perry

Dubious by: Smurfy

Nobody Else by Light by: Light

OneTake 2018 Contest Submission by: Wake

J OneTake 2018 Alphabet backwards by: J

Untouchable by: Jvstyce

United Ascension by: BlackZod

One Mic Two Minutes by: Lex

No one is safe by: Fly Ry

Never Stop by: CJ

One Take Contest (OMFG) by: Deuce B

Take A Knee by: Corbi K

All I Need by: Pynt

Onetake lll by: Joseph Daye

One Take Contest 3 (Official Video) by: Yonos

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