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Bow Down by: Numbas


So Futuristic by: MSNGR

Overkill by: Escobars

Feto One Take Contest Vol 2 by: Feto

I did it by: Bang-Up The Great

KING or a pawn by: Trevor

Sound Byte by: Z-Major

Since the Start by: Sean Dinan

This Is Hip Hop by: 2Shades

This Is Hip Hop by: L-Tech

One Hundred by: Mosarie

One Take Volume 2 Aypayne by: Aypayne

TalentDisplay Thats Hip Hop One Take Contest by: TalentDisplay

Marc Jaze One TAKE Contest V2 by: Marc Jaze

What Is Life by: Rupsy Banks

onetakecontest submission by: Phylinx

Mt Olympus by: Reggie Carter

On Take Contest Submission by: RB

Tick tick boom by: Don Hill

Reacquainted by: Beno Ridez

JazzyJizzle Onetake Contest by: JazzyJizzle

One Take by: Lil Chris

Sin Knight onetake entry by: Sin Knight

Notorious BlackZod Is Glorious by: BLACKZOD

Peer Pressure by: Jt Portunato

OneTake by: Taylor French

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