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Money Right Freestyle by: Noah

All it takes is one take by: T.Beck

One Take Rap Contest V3 by: Poser

Dont Know Why by: Kaige Mathew

Prologue by: L.O.X.

Safe by: Tony Capo


Yung Delirious OneTake by: Yung Delirious

One Take Contest Entry by: Mikey G

Yikez one take best barz never heard of white rapper by: Yikez

brandon DaZ No Body Safe by: brandon DaZ

Poor Me by: Zar-Ka$m

By Yourself ( Nobody else One take) by: Tstylin

ROSEANNE BARS by: Maverick Matt Saxon

So long ago by: Jesse

On That by: Odd Thought

Round 2 by: Control

Off the top by: Hd57 The Ninjah & Jalifa

OneTakeRapContest No One Is Safe by: Saenz

Spirit of Truth One Take Contest V3 Entry 2018 by: Spirit of Truth

FACTS by: Wax

Raw Rap by: Angel

On That by: Drive

One Take Contest 2018 by: Vin Jay

Max Thomson by: Max Thomson

One Take Contest by: Young Guy, Burkett

Green Screen Geekin One Take Contest V3 by: GameboyJones

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