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All That Ive Got by: Snakebite

No Reason To Be Sad Pt 2 by: Jon Allen


Give Up by: OJ

Swift one take by: KingSwift

One Take Jake by: John the Shaman

WHAT IS LIFE by: Brock William

I am the Goat One Take by: Scottie The Barbarian

Light Up The Night by: Sye Menebarz

Used To Know by: Dax

One take by: Patrick

One Shot Bang by: Slim Casino

15 year old rapper (MC17) by: MC17

Like That by: J.R.

One Take by: Matt Vanzetti

JayDestiny on WhatIsLife by: JayDestiny

V2Life OneTakeContest by: V2

Bars Dont Lie by: Chambers

ray tha novelist one take contest v2 by: Ray Tha Novelist

Who am I by: Levi Parker

Corey S One Take by: Corey S

OGD OneTakeContest by: OGD


Backrounds by: Retrojoker x Take Two

The King by: Clay Cockrell

PM by: Cesar (Say-Zar)

In The Game by: White Thunder

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