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Damian The Fool by: Xseven

Switch It Up by: Kid Kali & Nick Lowther

G O A T by: Silint K

Wolf Fangs by: Da-Wolf

More Snakes by: Mykil

Jaye Is Comin by: JOSHUA|jaye

BFNE One Take Entry by: E$ BFNE (Emoney/Beast From the North East)

Dlinc Naphtali Reddy LA Futuristics OneTake Contest Vol2 by: Dlinc Music Group

What is Life by: Chris Matthews

Last Chanz One Take by: Last Chanz

What is Life by: Coty Pharaoh

RoJo from Australia ONE TAKE CONTEST by: RoJo

Pay Close Attention by: Sef-Lo

This Is Hip Hop by: Young Castro

What Is Life by: March

Dutchboy is Gonna Bring it Back by: Sblime

What Is Life by: Dont have one.

OTC V2 by: J$taticz

SYko One Take Contest Vol 2 by: SYko

Homework Don One take Spazz by: Homework Don

Youre Not Alone by ILL Ambition by: ILL Ambition

Evan Hughes One Take Contest (2017) by: Evan Hughes

Best In The Valley by: Dr. Sous

One Take Rap Contest by: Saif

Flow Hypnosis by: BigC-1moTime

To the Top by: Abstruse

The Goat by: Darius Hickman

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