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Myself by: DuckeDabz

Cam Bean One Take Contest by: Cam Bean

one take contest by: C-L-AY

one take contest by: C-L-AY

Nothing Special by: Jayy Dreams

Broken Silence by: N.S.B

Cryo Raps Onta by: Cryo Raps

AJ Reynolds by: AJ Reynolds

OneTake by: D.X.P.

Fatal JAB One Take by: Fatal JAB

Excuses by: Nroc Leoj

brandon DaZ No Body Safe by: brandon DaZ

Foots OneTake Rap Contest Submission by: Foots

As Real As It Gets by: Marksicc

New Scratch by: ENIMY

(gIfTeD) One Take Contest by: gIfTeD

SPIRITMAN (One Take Contest) by: IAmPREACH

More Music Soon by: Devin Chase

Im Back by: Edwin

No One Hears When You Scream by: Cakes Mitchell

Shafer One Take Contest FUTURISTIC by: Shafer

Akil nobody else remix by: Akil

One Take Contest V3 by: Jaehross

The Kid And His Mind pt3 The Beginning by: Evan Upton

The Kid And His Mind pt2 Click Clack Bang by: Evan Upton

One Take Amen by: Sk tha Wave

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