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One Take Contest V2 by: Just Dev

Hold Up by: Dro

ONE TAKE VOLUME 2 by: True Greg

Leo Wilde One Take Contest Entry by: Leo Wilde

Fake Friends by: Luce Vertigo

One Take King by: AfroKing

One Take by: Mic Mar

State of Mind by: conscience

O N E T A K E by: JDias

One Take Contest Andy Sears by: Andy Sears

30 Year Old Bars by: JLuddy

machinegun by: MR. P

Onetake by: Lil Martin

one take only by: Ya Boi Sav

Murder On Air OneTake V2 Steve Woodz by: Steve Woodz

As told by Ginger by: John D. Contradiction

BMW (boy meet world) one take contest V2 by: Ciryus The Modern Marvel

One Take Rap Contest x Switch Up by: Mac Ro

one take contest 2k17 by: Nola the Saint

Copyright (one take rap contest) by: GGK (greenguykai)

One Take Rap Contest V2 ENTRY CrazyBull Rappin by: CrazyBull

For The Family Second One Take Entry by: Traumatic


Patrick Buckley OneTakeContest2017 by: Patrick Buckley

I Am The Goat ONE TAKE by: RAJ

I Got it by: Jordan Shoenfelt

Damon Alexander ONE TAKE CONTEST 2017 by: Damon Alexander

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