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Waterloo by: STUDENT

The Goat by: Darius Hickman

Sneaker Focus Jordan Sneaker Freestyle by: Sneaker Focus


Prince Ali One Take Contest Entry v2 by: Prince Ali

One Take Contest Young Vanilla by: Young Vanilla

Gawd Flow by: Tone The Ghostwriter

Sadly Eye Live In Kansas by: RxYvL-t

STMO by: Collective Truth

PAC MANE by: Manny Flows

Poetry Slam by: Mike the Poet

This Is Hip Hop by: Young Castro

Az vs everybody by: Halo

Fresh Take Freewrite by: Joe Persona

One Take Rap Contest by: Kaden Gray

Female Rapper Calls Out Drake in One Take Contest by: Julisa

RoJo from Australia ONE TAKE CONTEST by: RoJo

IM ONLY 12 UNSERSTAND K by: DrobixVader

Mickey Zobel 1 Take by: Mickey Zobel

Underdogs by: Matt Elliott

SAVAGE by: Matthew the Boy

One Shot Bars by: L├║zido (Said like \"Lou-See-dough\" with the pronunciation on the first syllable)

Pay Close Attention by: Sef-Lo

Shut it Down by: Keto Matthew

OneTake by: Brandon Voyce

Lucid Dream (Double Switch Up) by: J3

Raj Mahal One Take Rap Contest Submission by: Raj Mahal

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