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Why Not by: Beno Ridez

One take entry by: AreJay

SAVAGE by: Matthew the Boy

One Take Freestyle ETC by: E.T.C.

City of the Dead Dreams (One Take Contest) by: GBLN/NovXII

Bring It Back by: Esse

IM ONLY 12 UNSERSTAND K by: DrobixVader

Mickey Zobel 1 Take by: Mickey Zobel

Underdogs by: Matt Elliott

OKAY FOREVER OneTake Contest by: ..segdoH the SQuATCH

onetakecontest by: Exostiv

One Take Contest Entry by: Jakk Switzo

Jazzy J OneTake by: Jazzy J

Damon Alexander ONE TAKE CONTEST 2017 by: Damon Alexander

Brandon Stuch KILLS his One Take Entry while on House Arrest by: Brandon Stuch

Raj Mahal One Take Rap Contest Submission by: Raj Mahal

One Take Contest What is Life Luisifer by: Luisifer

Thats Hip Hop by: Matt Hood

Testify by: Ethan Martin

Shut it Down by: Keto Matthew

OneTake by: Brandon Voyce

Lucid Dream (Double Switch Up) by: J3

Against all odds by: Crook eye

JTruthPA Ride My Wave Entry 4 by: JTruthPA

One Take Contest by: TMP

Filament by: El Santo

Clarity by: Cam Archer

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