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One Mic Two Minutes by: Lex

No one is safe by: Fly Ry

One take contest by: The Dom

futuristic one take contest submission by: Ksim

MTB Freestyle (One Take) by: Vitale

JayTheInfluence ONETAKECONTEST by: JayTheInfluence

Wake Up One Take by: Surb

All it takes is one take by: T.Beck

Sprite by: Lyrical-G

RDM RealDefinitiveMusic One Take V3 by: RealDefinitiveMusic

Bingx One Take Contest Submission by: Bingx

Lord Z by: Lord Z

Daddyphatsnaps snaps by: Daddyphatsnaps

One Take by: ETC

OneTake Contest by: EastSide Wes

Statement by: Samira Dezaki

Jordan Snipes flame one take by: Jordan Snipes

No Brakes One Take by: JOSHUAjaye

One Take by: Big Deezer

Yikez one take best barz never heard of white rapper by: Yikez

Slyguy901 One Take Contest V3 by: Slyguy901

Back On Track by: Parish

monopoly by: Real Presence

A Father Scorned by: Killa Cali Hustle aka The Ghetto Nerd

Yung Eli OneTake Freestyle by: Yung Eli

OneTakeTito by: Tito

Kid Fresh Problem One Take Contest Entry by: Kid Fresh

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