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Type of Dude by: JT Rider of TauTology

Shemxtic Infinity This World (OneTake) by: Shemxtic Infinity

100 by: King SWyFT

One Take Contest by: Ryan Unger


Limitless Focus by: HazLuciano

SteezWorld raps a crazy flow for the OneTakeContest by: SteezWorld

Robbydrew One Take Contest Entry by: Robbydrew

Jake Hill Onetake contest entry Reaper by: Jake Hill


My Odyssey by: Conkrete

2020 by: BKelly

Ground by: Corruption

Sessions One Take by: Bee See

Futuristic Bars Contest by: Drewsus

FuegoOneTakeContest by: Fue AKA Fuego Flame

Steady Making Moves by: Stephon René

HD57 The Wordplay King One Take Contest 2 by: HD57

Dont Call It A Diss by: Tyler Rice

One Take Contest 2017 Entry by: Izzuh

Invisible Mask by: Validex

Onetake PT 2 by: Zaney Z

Cryo Raps OneTake V2 Entry by: Cryo Raps

the come up by: The Tillest

Here we go by: Theory

Anime by: Dezzy

Facts (OneTakeContest) by: Serg

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