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Marc Jaze One TAKE Contest V2 by: Marc Jaze

What Is Life by: Rupsy Banks

Mt Olympus by: Reggie Carter

Sound Byte by: Z-Major

On Take Contest Submission by: RB

Tick tick boom by: Don Hill

One Take Volume 2 Aypayne by: Aypayne

Reacquainted by: Beno Ridez

JazzyJizzle Onetake Contest by: JazzyJizzle

Unlucky Pupil The Switch Up ONE TAKE CONTEST V 2 by: Unlucky Pupil

Sin Knight onetake entry by: Sin Knight

Notorious BlackZod Is Glorious by: BLACKZOD

Peer Pressure by: Jt Portunato

Libra onetake contest entry by: Libra

ONETAKE entry by: Demi Gawd

Jake Grady One Take Off the top Freestyle by: Jake Grady

Robbydrew The Switch Up One Take Contest V2 Entry by: Robbydrew

Bonkers by: Amniat


JUST RAP by: Leezy

KDoubleU One Take Contest V2 by: KDoubleU

Why I Stay Saucy by Tedde by: Tedde

CommonGoalGroup by: K.9

Steer One Take Contest by: Steer

Tall Blonde and Beautiful by: Ryder White

dyce One take by: Dyce

Killa Cali Hustle OneTake Entry by: Killa Cali Hustle

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