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Swimming With The Sharks by: Orthoknock

Krujay ONE TAKE RAP CONTEST by: Krujay

Straight Bars by: Young Icarus

MattRedd OneTakeContest Aka Whippin by: MattRedd

MisterStryde Notorious One Take Contest V2 by: MisterStryde

Forrest Green One Take Contest V2 by: Forrest Green

Stressin by: Backwoods Barbie

Rhymior What Is Life OneTakeContest by: Rhymior (Rhyme Warrior)

No Exposure by: King Quice

One Take Contest V2 by: Thee Joekr

March 15 is the day this king came to earth by: Xai Suave

Know The Name by: J-Rush

Traumatic putting his city on in Northern Canada One Take Contest V2 by: Traumatic

one take rap contest boutta comin by: Bigo

WHAT IS LIFE by: Ryan Jones

Sus1 One Take by: Sus1

AKay the Pharaoh One Take by: AKay the Pharaoh

Legend ONE TAKE V2 by: Austin Lynch

What is Life by: Trey M\'s

Just Watch by: Kapable

Topp Sick: One Take Contest entry V2 2017 by: Topp Sick

Ashtin Larold OneTake Round 2 by: Ashtin Larold

Mad Squablz Contest Entry One Take Contest V 2 by: Mad Squablz

outloud by: cIV


Jake Hill One Take Contest entry by: Jake Hill

No More by: TreDay

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