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Wave Chappelle by: Mindfull

IM ONLY 12 UNSERSTAND K by: DrobixVader

Thats Hip Hop by: Matt Hood

Yo by: Envoy

JTruthPA Savage Entry 3 by: JTruthPA

JTruthPA Ride My Wave Entry 4 by: JTruthPA

MM by: Sean Rodriguez of TauTology

JTruthPA What is Life Entry 1 by: JTruthPA

Round 2 by: MaKsiK

NiceGuy Steve One Take VOL 2 by: NiceGuy Steve

BrittyxKitty One Take Contest ENTRY by: BrittyxKitty

Mortal Kombat by: Draco

Childish Games by: Murphy\'s Law

BYZV from Turkey by: BYZV - #OneTakeContest (Turkish Rapper)

Feel The Vibe by: Sho Beaz

Jimmy Johns by: EssBee

S a v a g e by: Infinity

One Take by: W.E.S

One Take Contest by: JCaval

GOAT by: A-Forzy

TCW by: T.C.W

One Take Contest by: Cole Z

GOSPEL by: Oliver-Twiss

Entry EJ by: EJ

I GO BY LUCID by: Lucid

Irrelevant by: Jacob LaCivita

Switcho Schizo by: Konsume us

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