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Knock Ya Socks Off by: Cinematic aka Stevie B.

10 year life story recap by: J Merrick

2 sense by: (Hip)NoTick

one take by: skrapi

One Take 2017 by: Forenzikz

Eijah Yo (One Take Entry) by: Elijah Yo

Knock Ya Socks Off By Cinematic (One Take Contest) by: Cinematic aka Stevie B.

GFlow Onetake by: GFlow (Gage Harvey)

I AM THE GOAT by: Chris Oliver

OneTake Contest by: Lothario Martyr

Crispy One Take Contest by: Crispy

Loco by: Baker+


November by: Prox

Back up by: June

Cynile Inside mine by: Cynile

Take 2 by: D

g3o by: g3o

Focus by: RAW - B

No Iphones Alowed by: Wolf-Da Soul

From The Heart by: Iced Gemini

Prey by: Legit Comics

What is life freestyle by: DK

Preston Holmes OneTakeContest by: Preston Holmes

One Take Freestyle by: Lamar Will

Liverichnova onetakecontest by: Liv rich nova

Power to the People by: D

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