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Nazpayne One Take Contest Entry V2 by: Nazpayne

The one take guru by: Bryan Cole

Dez Busta OneTake Entry aka Wanna Be by: Dez Busta


JayDestiny on WhatIsLife by: JayDestiny

ONETAKE entry by: Demi Gawd

What is Life by: Trey M\'s

MRD One Take by: Most Rhymes Delivered

No Fucks Given by: Buchele

No Exposure by: King Quice

Lane Wison I Am The GOAT by: Lane Wilson

Falling Atmosphere One Take by: Kali+

Radio Active by: Robby Crook x Jon Allen

Confines by: Dorrough

Casoose Futuristic One Take Contest Submission by: Casoose

Corey S One Take by: Corey S

Fake Friends by: Luce Vertigo

The GOAT by: Jerry Calderon

Each of Our Steps by: Acquizition


November by: PROX

Oh by: Gallo Locknez

One Take Goat Wrangler by: Specs

One Take by: Huntsman

One take by: VandyBeatz

Onetake by: LODO

Won Take by Mainz by: Mainz

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