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Heat To The Court by: Yully

This DUDE is the reason your GIRL didnt come home last night AUDIO AND VIDEO ONE TAKE by: Louie Barz

Ticking and Talking by GramAddict for the One Take Contest 2017 by: GramAddict

One Take Contest by: Ryan Unger

Nu Flowz One Take Rap Contest Verse by: Nu Flowz

This Is Hip Hop by: L-Tech

Ashtin Larold OneTake Round 2 by: Ashtin Larold


Ground by: Corruption

No Fucks Given by: Buchele

One Shot Bang by: Slim Casino

One Take Contest V2 Winner Sin1 by: Sin1

New Beginnings by: Euphorik

One Take Rap Contest x Switch Up by: Mac Ro

The Introduction by: T. Chandy

The King by: Clay Cockrell

One Take by: Lil Chris

What is Life by: Doby

Barz Ova Names by: Flu

One Take Entry by: CACO

Julius in One Take by: Juliu$

Tevo One Take Submission by: Tevo

One Take by: Jarv

Hold Up by: Dro

Grind Seasom by: Markus Alexander

Take One by: CHAS

One Take (Im The Goat) by: Ajay

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