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Mortal Kombat by: Draco

Childish Games by: Murphy\'s Law

Youre Not Alone by ILL Ambition by: ILL Ambition

BYZV from Turkey by: BYZV - #OneTakeContest (Turkish Rapper)

One Take by: Justus Holliday

Feel The Vibe by: Sho Beaz

What is Life by: Clown Boy

GOAT by: A-Forzy


Notorious by: T Money

One Take Contest Entry by: Technition

Jazzy J OneTake by: Jazzy J

onetakecontest by: Exostiv

S a v a g e by: Infinity

Arsenic One take contest by: Arsenic

I Am The Goat by: Young-T.J

One Take by: W.E.S

GOAT by: Mikey Bee

One Take Contest by: JCaval

Lost in My Thoughts by: Ali Gatie

Keep Ya Ditance by: Bliz6

Back for the First Time by: Fiyablasta

Nik Natural One Take Contest 2017 by: Nik Natural

Young Barber Quits His Day Job For Rap by: Kevin Watts

Never Come Down by: Infinity

Last Of A Dying Bread by: Infinity

TCW by: T.C.W

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