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Take A Knee by: Corbi K

Drww Christopher One Take Contest V3 by: DrwwChristopher

ONETAKE entry by: Alexander The Great

Put Your Hands Up by: Ryley MIchael

One Take Rap Contest by: Artest

Onetake by: Audi Clips

Never by: Johnny Wakemup

Spread Love (One Take Contest Entry) by: Spread Love

Smokehouse by: Smokehouse

OneTake by: FatT ZakK

Jetes Therapy (One Take Contest) by: Jetes

Hold On by: roundstreet

TyShawn Dion holds no punches in the One Take Contest by: TyShawn Dion

Duplicates by: Luke Wiley

Onetake lll by: Joseph Daye

Barz by: Trunkgod

FACTS by: Wax

One Take by: Be Kay

Get Wrecked by: Stephon René

All Me by: Lejitt

Did it better by: Take 2 X Retrojoker

Like the Man by: MC Knowah

2018 by: Hadi

One Take Contest 2018 by: Vin Jay

OneTake by: The Hybrid

Luke Wiley VS Puppet by: Luke Wiley

Safe by: Tony Capo

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