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One Light by: Strange 2ruth

Nasty Nelo One Take Entry by: Nasty Nelo

Sketch One Take Contest 2017 by: Sketch

Protein Bars by: Krispe

No Clones by: Dan Lily

Dutchboy is Gonna Bring it Back by: Sblime

Solitary Confiment by: lowercase g (g)

One Take Contest ThreeZil Entry by: ThreeZil

Dlinc Naphtali Reddy LA Futuristics OneTake Contest Vol2 by: Dlinc Music Group

ONE TAKE V2 By Keven Williams by: Keven Williams


No OneTake My Mic by: PiX

DopeBoi J Here For EveryBody FULL VIDEO by: DopeBoi J

This Is Hip Hop x Z3R0 Tolerance by: Z3R0 Tolerance

Onetake contest GMC by: GMC

Fuck A Contest by: Maniac (The Rapper)

Alone In The City (One Take 2017) by: Ellie

Rocc Replay ONETAKECONTEST Entry Logical Content by: Rocc Replay

Last Chanz One Take by: Last Chanz

Butta Comin by: Scuz

Jaye 2point0 aka 4 Fingers Of One Take by: JOSHUAjaye

Falling Atmosphere One Take by: Kali+

Evan Hughes One Take Contest (2017) by: Evan Hughes

ABBYG One Take Submission by: ABBYG

Taco Tuesday by: Adam Amor

One Take Contest by: Shelton Long

Understand by: Xavier

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