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Painting Dreams Anto the Wayward One Take Challenge by: Anto The Wayward

On That by: Odd Thought

Rapper by: M-Dub The Magnificent

Epic rap by: Green Screen Geekin\' (One Take Contest V.3)

DadRap by: 2Delinquent

Dont Call Me Christian Rapper by: nOjO

Majr Havoc One Take Contest 2018 by: Majr Havoc

Tommie Rose OneTakeContest2018 by: Tommie Rose

Order To Their Chaos by: StunnyG

Snap by: ThatKidCry

But Im Still by: The Outsider

United by: S.O.S Mjolnir

So You Wanna Be A Rapper by: Exostiv

Asshole by: SAINT

Green Screen Geekin One Take Contest V3 by: GameboyJones

One Take Challenge Vol 3 by: Slim Casino

Nobody Else verse by: Smoov Wooz

Letter to Futuristic and NOBODY ELSE by: That KiD TJ

I Am Who I Am by: Baby Benz

still broke by: Charli3

This Contest is Done by: Dj Kidd

Never Stop by: CJ

Cankles by: HuckWheat

OneTake by: VicCity Soldiers

One Take Contest 2018 by: LLOYDxALLEN

joensy riff miller by: Jon Allen

Nobody else by: Mark Silva

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