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Tone Royal One take Contest V2 Submission 2 by: Tone Royal

Underdawg by: B.I.G.S

Yung Soo by: Soo Casa

One Take Entry by: Twin Enigma

one time by: Narcotic

Take One Time by: Perception

TrEyFlow by: Trizzy Trey

StayWoke (2nd Entry) by: Mac Ro

Mcdonalds by: King Digit

Young Rich and Famous by: Nay Nay


A League of His Own by: HaZe

The Introduction by: T. Chandy

Notorious by: Mercenary

BAR for BAR ONE TAKE CONTEST 2017 by: Eon Zero

Got Sauce by: Ry-B

ME by: Skeptic

One Take Entry by: CACO

Counted Me Out by: B.A.D

Ferris Walmart Freestyle OneTakeContest V2 Entry by: Ferris

Rock the Boat by: Varsity

Take One by: CHAS

One Take by: C4

Amani Jae One Take Contest Entry by: Amani Jae

Unhealthy by: Ellis

Verbally Visual by: Mac The Martian

4u by Danem by: Danem

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