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SHEESH by: Khantrast

United Ascension by: BlackZod

LHSKA: Futuristic One Take Contest by: LHSKA

Onetake Rapcontest by: B.i.g.T,

One Take by: C-Pola

One Take Contest by: Gas Money

K Colfax One Take Contest Entry 2018 by: K Colfax

Onetake Contest V3 by: JKubical

The Rental Bike by: Xero the Prince

Killin It by: 101st.Place

One Take (2018) by: D Carter

Downtime by: Camo Valentyne

Im Not The Bar Type by: THE MERK

Nobody Else by: TJ Hickey

Brake It Down by: SEMI AUTO OGNT


Take It Slow by: D-Catalyst

Check the Rhyme by: Jetic

One Take Freestyle by: Twon

MOSARIE by: Mosarie

TBT by: Young Seda

Love Yourself by: Bendi

Forensics Forever by: The Forensics Guy

I Want Blood by: TeeBry

Waves (One Take Rap Contest) by: LYFE

One Take Entry by: BlazemUp

Something Different by: Eon Zero

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