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Guru by: Guru

ONE TAKE by: Kihndyn Peters

One Mic Two Minutes by: Lex

On That by: Drive

Myself by: DuckeDabz

SPIRITMAN (One Take Contest) by: IAmPREACH

All I Need by: Pynt

Killin It by: 101st.Place

Futurstic Tripp by: Tripp

Sprite by: Lyrical-G

Like Me by: Nasty Nelo

Tommie Rose OneTakeContest2018 by: Tommie Rose

This Contest is Done by: Dj Kidd

OneTakeRapContest No One Is Safe by: Saenz

No Luck by: Juice Bruns

Onetake Rapcontest by: B.i.g.T,

One Take by: C-Pola

Dr 3xplicit One Take 2018 by: Dr. 3xplicit

No One Is Safe by: Lane Altn

Fluoride by: Child of the Indigo

Woodz Vs The World (OneTake) by: Steve Woodz

No Comatose by: Timothy Greek

NoBody else by: Legacy

Like The Man by: Backwoods Barbie

One Take Rap Contest by: Artest

BLee One Take by: B.Lee The Sav

Eric l School Shooter by: Jetic

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