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Vibrant Danamals by: Last Sayso

New Beginnings by: Euphorik

BFNE One Take Entry by: E$ BFNE (Emoney/Beast From the North East)

Entry EJ by: EJ

SYko One Take Contest Vol 2 by: SYko

How I See It by: Da Don Don

Between the Lines by: SecondComing

Anxious One Take Contest V2 by: Anxious

Catatonic by: Transcendent

Hiphop by: ApolloRaps

One Take (Official Music Video) by: 6host

I GO BY LUCID by: Lucid

Hustlin by: Ali Gatie

Steve Gunna by: Steve Gunna

One Take Rap Contest by: Saif

Irrelevant by: Jacob LaCivita

Gangster Story by: Sir.Smitherines

Flow Hypnosis by: BigC-1moTime

A Little Tardy by: D-Bibbs

Radio Active by: Robby Crook x Jon Allen

Ill Go by: Slingshott

Switcho Schizo by: Konsume us

One Take submission Houston latin MC SLAUGHTERS by: 2Raw

Pa Artist Kills 3 Beats in 1 Take by: Dubby

ONE TAKE CONTEST 2017 by FREEWYO by: Freewyo

Bracket Buster One Take by: Cal Mobley

Speed by: MastaMind

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