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Tie Dye Dan OneTake Rap Contest Submission 2018 by: Tie Dye Dan

One take contest by: ISHUES

Making It Look Easy by: Maedrix

Rehab Rap by: Justus Holliday

Like The Man by: Backwoods Barbie

Ocyris Gomez by: Just Ocyris

BEN onetake 2018 by: BEN

Take A Knee by: Corbi K

OverLoad (OneTake Contest) by: Johnny MC

One Take V3 by: Yung Zoom

NoBody else by: Legacy

Drww Christopher One Take Contest V3 by: DrwwChristopher

Tick a Bag Freestyle by: CONNOR RAPPER

ONETAKE entry by: Alexander The Great

Interrupted by: hunter

Ryean OneTakeContest 2018 by: Ryean

SQUAD Music by: MiltonJ

Put Your Hands Up by: Ryley MIchael

OneTakeChallenge Skizem 2018 by: s(k)iz?m

Checklist by: KVN

One Take Rap Contest by: Artest

Ntrikit Flow by: Ntrikit

Onetake by: Audi Clips

GMS (OneTake) by: GMS

Buzzin by: Phantom

RdotChris One Take Contest V3 by: R.Chris

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