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United Ascension by: BlackZod

LHSKA: Futuristic One Take Contest by: LHSKA

Onetake Rapcontest by: B.i.g.T,

Molotov Cocktail by: SerKon

One Take Contest by: Gas Money

15 year old rapper (Onetakecontest entry) by: It\'s_Evan

One Take Freestyle by: Twon

Love Yourself by: Bendi

One Take Entry by: BlazemUp

Out Or In by: JakeRoneMixTape

Buzzin by: Phantom

Villains by: MC Rapidash

One Take contest by: LiVi

Fire In The Fe by: Klumzy

Spirit of Truth One Take Contest V3 Entry 2018 by: Spirit of Truth

One Take Contest 2018 by: Orthoknock

Dont Touch Me by: Tommy Wrekz

Gambit One Take Contest V3 by: Gambit

One Take ((Slaymix)) by: Kilevrah Cash

ONE TAKE CONTEST by: Whyte Smoke

Like Me by: Nasty Nelo

One Take by: S.R.S (splackavellie)

DOOMSDAY by: Sean Wyckoff

One Take Contest by: Young Guy, Burkett

Myself by: DuckeDabz

One Take Contest 2018 by: LLOYDxALLEN

OneTake by: VicCity Soldiers

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