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One take in New York by: Eminent E

Hello by: Soul Stretch

Bryce The Third OneTake V2 by: Bryce The Third

Switch Up by: Cash Harms

T Krazy One Take V2 by: T-Krazy

The Come Up by: Dre Osborne

Budget Entry with Millionaire Bars by: Kampa

YES MAN by: image

Ayron COE One Take Contest Entry by: Ayron COE

False Idols by: MiC WaDDLE

MTP OneTake Contest by: MTP

How I feel by: Raza

Tevo One Take Submission by: Tevo

One Take Contest by: The Official PuSh

Bermuda Peedee knock You Out by: Bermuda Peedee

Byron Hero Spits Bars On Ghetto Mic Stand by: Byron Hero

Risk by: Cody Ray

Dedicated by: PmBata

Notorious Flow by: CydoScene Cito

Mix twist one take contest v2 by: Confuzed Fuzed

Retiz One Take Contest Volume 2 by: Retiz

Thats Hip Hop by: Tone Staples

B Swann one take entry by: B. Swann

Eureka by: Demure

The King is Arriving by: HD

MyTimeOneTake by: Drew Keys

Enzo Ferrari One Take by: Enzo Ferrari

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