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One Take by: Huntsman

Won Take by Mainz by: Mainz

GOAT by: Tony Answer

The Answer by: Selarom

Oh by: Gallo Locknez

Bars (One Take) by: StreetFighterLex

HERCULES by: Luke Gawne

Sigher (New Generation) by: Sigher

feldy GOAT One Take by: feldy

Nobody (Butta Comin) by: Hippy Astro

Barz Ova Names by: Flu

Onetake by: LODO

GOD SPEECH OneTake Contest Entry V2 by: Don Diligence

NYC Dreams Part II: Revenge by: Cody-Rico

The Switch Up Kid by: Brock William

Shia LaBouef (One Take Contest v2 Video Submission) by HEYITSLUKA by: HEYITSLUKA

LaPerish: One Take Contest Submission by: LaPerish

Outside by: Phearless


One Take Contest by: DT 702

Native American Rapper King Blizz One Take by: King Blizz

HittN One Take Entry by: HittN

I Am The Goat by: Snowman

Onetakecontest Mic Mar by: Mic Mar

Chuq One Take by: CHUQ

Dream Music by: KRISSY SMOOTH

Sprinkles and Synonyms by: CJ BLITZ

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