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ABBYG One Take Submission by: ABBYG

What Is Life by: Dont have one.

3in1Take (Mastered by ROZA) by: Control

OneTake Hasta Luego by: Chef

Demolition Heart And Soul by: AJ

Sara Lee: Light Snack by: Kt

One Take by: Kwade Nash

OTC V2 by: J$taticz

GOSPEL by: Oliver-Twiss


One Take Contest by: Cole Z

Hip Hop by: J. Understeller

I am the goat by: Distraction

The Inner Battle by: Daddyphatsnaps

Be Ready by: BeSweet

Entry EJ by: EJ

One Take 101 by: Ya Malkia

Faddiction by: Krooked C

2017 27 March by: Mack Rivers

Djawz One Take by: Djawz

Shrinking by: Milad

Vibrant Danamals by: Last Sayso

BFNE One Take Entry by: E$ BFNE (Emoney/Beast From the North East)

Anxious One Take Contest V2 by: Anxious

Catatonic by: Transcendent

Hiphop by: ApolloRaps

I GO BY LUCID by: Lucid

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