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MattRedd OneTakeContest Aka Whippin



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Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) Most 18 year olds are drinking, smoking & partying, Matt Redd is not. In 2016 he was winning Songwriter of the Year presented by CUT HIPHOP 2016 and selling out shows at reputable venues. In 2016, as a notable favourite to fans and critics alike, he was awarded “Songwriter of The Year” by the CUT Hip-Hop Awards and also placed 8th on Virgin Radio’s list of “Best Upcoming Artist in Winnipeg”. His lyrical focus and massive on-stage presence have earned him sold out shows at the best hometown indie venues like The Park Theatre and The West End Cultural Centre. But let’s clear the air a little. Matt Redd is less up-and-coming and more along the lines of here-right-now. This rising hip-hop artist has kept himself busy the last half decade writing, recording and performing his music for adoring audiences. In this time, he has released three full-length mixtapes including the international collaboration with Brazilian artist dreDecoy, entitled “SHRIIVES”.

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