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HD57 The Wordplay King One Take Contest 2



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19 Year Old Rapper From Trinidad & Tobago Biography HD57 « the unchartedly rising power of music» Mixing old musical school with new school, singer and musician HD57 delivers a powerful message about our fast-changing world, and the brotherhood of humankind. Wise beyond his years,as he prefer to call the genre “goldschool” HD57 displays an incredible creativity through his work, reaching out to a wide audience, soothing their ears with his rhythmic and lyrical flow ! Welcome to HD’s world ! Come in, feel the power, and get inspired ! HD is lucky enough to enjoy both a fine voice and a musical heritage that -literally- runs in his family through his parents. His ever-increasing talent was first heard when he started singing in 2002. It was acknowledged that Emmanuel M. Alexis, a. k. a. HD57, was suited for a singing and musical professional career. HD never stops working on his lyrics, and being highly thought of by other musicians, has been called « the BARberic », and « the Lawd-a-Lyrics » for his amazing and unique talent of mixing genres with relatable lyrics. HD tends to borrow from different musical genres, and does not confine his talent to one single musical world but is always open to take up new challenges. This very openness leads HD to explore uncharted musical areas. Arguably n reasonable, HD57 plays the music of the future ! Listening to the very creative We Own This, or 57ChamBARS, the powerful Dogs, or the truly inspired and moving Behind These Scars, or Hide, will introduce you to some aural pleasures of HD’s original musical inspirations. DOPE, his biggest hit so far, is also an opportunity to see HD in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, where he was born and still lives and works. His videos also introduce the audience to his sisters Gmay and Jalifa, as well as his brother Abba Shanty. HD formed a team of multi genre artists with them, called d-linc. HD’s visual expression through video is also a full part of his work and the visual medium he uses is carefully crafted. His videos are yet another invitation to discover HD’s captivating energy and brilliant originality. His face, the ways he looks, acts and raps, all work together and deliver an energy which emerges from himself to you. « Hacking his way up the game », as he himself puts it, HD57 tends to continue generating creativity for him an the #hdnation,like it or not. always expect the unexpected,from emmanuel alexis.

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