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Damian The Fool



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Xseven (Bailey Dixon) was born March 23, 1993 in the Norfolk General Hospital of Simcoe, Ontario. During the end of his mother's labor he had come out with the umbilical cord wrapped around his throat. His face was blue, accordingly, the doctor had informed his mother he would either have down syndrome, or would not survive much longer. We all share the same planet, but the world that Xseven had been born into was a cold, and ruthless one. The pain didn't stop at this incident. Roughly 4 years later his cousins were trapped inside of a house fire, and were found only after the flames were extinguished. The most vivid memory he has of this era in his life is riding a tricycle around looking for his cousin. When he asked his mother where she was, he recalls his mother responding with “...She can't play anymore...” In his preteen years Bailey was a rather happy child with a few friends that enjoyed the time they shared. However, grade school didn't feel like somewhere to go learn, and make new friends to Xseven. In fact, to him, it was an institution; a prison. The bullying was so bad that he'd end up returning home at least once a week with a new bruise or a new open wound. The staff pretended to be ignorant and merely made things worse for him. This, unfortunate factor is most likely the key aspect as to why he didn't finish high school; the lack of trust he had obtained. With all of this stress, let alone being swapped between different medications to treat ADD, bi-polar and depression – the last two options being misdiagnosis: Xseven needed a way to escape. His mother taught him how to write poetry, and then as he began to watch MTV when he skipped school; he was introduced to hip-hop. Hearing Eminem, and Kid Cudi along with others, had inspired him to attempt to convert his poetry into rap songs. However, without the knowledge, or guidance, nothing that he wrote ever came out adequate. He didn't begin writing songs again until he was seventeen (XVII; Xseven) and with the realization of how hard it would be, he began seeking an alternative income source. No career sparked an interest in this young man's mind, and as he grew frustrated with advancing in school with no goal; he felt pressured. Then finally, he gave in; he dropped out of high school. Now, launching his own record label and signing the artist that introduced him to audio engineering; he seeks to make an impact on both the music industry (locally, and hopefully abroad) as well as the low employment rate of the County that shaped this mans mind with madness. Though he has a little budget, his dreams have never been bigger. The only way to tell if he stays true to himself, is to bare witness to the oddity that is Xseven. [SIDE NOTE, DELETE WHEN NO LONGER NEEDED]: phone number is wife's cell, mine's down currently. Primary contact to get a hold of me is via email. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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