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Why I Stay Saucy by Tedde



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Why I Stay Saucy (lyrics) She liking the pizza that's why I stay saucy I sought for the cheese her cheeks bubble like colby I sought for the cheddar now lettuce is all on my plate Play around with dimensions add an angle to my outer limits Now my range is ridiculous Now I'm off doing business Bigger than riches she smiles bright and her eyes glistin I get lost in her thoughts her ideas lead me like supervision I visualize a visionary every time I hear her name So you could day she remains on my brain like a stain on a white tee You know I think she might like me Might be my vibrancy My teeth off like somewhat; you say 'how so?'; then I reply 'they ain't ivory' Invested in my time I was clocked out once she took my heart like piracy Dragging versus through the dirt to get hyperbole's I spit flame, get lit, sweat gasoline, to the third degree I upchuck propane 'T-e--dde' that's a lethal name Catch this DDT if you in my way get out my lane I'm a steam roller with V8's Versatile with my switch up I'm a high roller in a big truck Your flow is so semi my versus are auto impactful You entered a raffle I entered like a Pterodactyl with no sense of tactfulness Swarming the crowd like I'mma reek havoc You can not compete you will get defeated Like taking candy from a baby or life from a fetus I'm feening this weekend for 48 hours I'm feasting Eating any competitions chances I'm trampling you prancing You dancing like Bambi I hit you with thumpers with thunderous sounds Raining thunderous rounds whenever I stomp I bring storms to the ground I'mma ground pound block buster, piped up like a plumber Oh my god he keeps dropping innuendos, I can't take his shade just like a sunroof! Rocks in my socks drop top it's hotter than Cancun! Please do not sweat me my vocals are cleansing Taking the gunk off your lenses Are you seeing my vision are you seeing persistence?!?! She liking the Pizza that's why I stay saucy I sought for the cheese her cheeks bubble like colby I sought for the cheddar now lettuce is all on my plate I'm raising the stakes the dash reads one eighty so give me a break Breath taking when she sits down and plays It amazes me how her hands flow with the keys Butterflies in my stomach and bees in my knees She making me nervous what is the purpose I write her these words don't want to erase them but don't know if they're permanent I don't know if they're permanent I'd rather her be happy with him than upset with me I don't know if I'm selfish, I'd like to be selfless I care about her rather than her status Her dreams and her passions She's a friend in my eyes beauty in my mind but my heart stops me from speaking The reason being I don't want to say things misleading Leading her to doubt my intentions you get what I'm feeling?!?

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