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Copyright (one take rap contest)


GGK (greenguykai)

Artist Bio:

my name is GGK and im a 20 year old rapper from the uk , on the 8th may 2015 i had a motorbike crash and lost the use of my left arm meaning i couldn't continue continue my job as a car/motorcycle mechanic , i needed to find something that i enjoyed just as much and something that i was good at , this turned out to be rap , so here i am(now my sob storys out the way i can get onto what really matters , the music). i started posting on soundcloud ( ) not to long ago and this is my first video of me rapping , i hope you enjoy , be sure to share to give me a chance at doing something iv always dreamed of. P.S. many thanks to Futuristic and AKT Aktion for giving me and all other entry's this chance to show the world what we have !

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