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BMW (boy meet world) one take contest V2


Ciryus The Modern Marvel

Artist Bio:

I am in musician/writer. Also the CEO and founder of silverback records also as c.i.r.y.u.s Crazy Individual Rocking You Uniquely Through Speakers C.i.r.y.u.s (pronounced serious) I also go by the modern marvel! I play guitar for 14 years now. I am the owner of silverback records and. APE or alpha primate entertainments. In association with uncertain visuals. (CEO Fuzed) And i got to say music in my life. Im a burque kid till I die 505 Albuquerque. My style is more of a underground but I can rap and write to any beat so anyone who has a challenging beat or track I bet you I can kill it!! I'm not picky about how I wrote and to which beats but I'm very very picky about my word play!! I love twisting mixing and fucking up this game that everyone is used to!! Much love to Kendrick Lamar and to tech n9ne!! My style is obtuse so my mind is open to all subjects and all views!! Inspired by 90's hip hop, like krs one, Eminem, wu tang and many more helped Ciryus and Confuzed develop a passion for writing music. Which also inflicted this way of life. Both started drinking and smoking during middle school. When they weren't smoking and writing music, they would skateboard and confuzed would record the skaters. This have fuel to the editing passion confuzed has and continues to excels in his arts, mastering, and editing. Ciryus started playing guitar at a young age and during middle school and high school, He would be in guitar for 6 years and 1 year in piano. I have been making music for about 14 years now . I can play guitar drums piano and also sing. I have dropped one in mixed tape called I should've left that in Albuquerque mix tape which only 50 copies were made and given away. I meant to collaborators features in any work. If you were interested in doing work please contact me at . Please enjoy and thank you for checking out my page ! Got my music on reverbnation at And check out my Facebook at YouTube: silverback records alpha Primate entertainments SoundCloud:

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