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Prynce Brainwaves ONETAKE



Artist Bio:

A young artist from Northern Ontario. Growing up a few hours drive from Toronto, the idea of reaching for something bigger has been around his whole life. Taught how to sing by his mom at a very young age lead to performing, and songwriting early in life. Going with an Indie/Acoustic sound for the larger half of his musical career, Prynce didn't perform or write Hip-Hop music until January 2015. With a burning anger at the time that just couldn't be let out through an acoustic pop song, Prynce burst into his hometown of Sudbury's rap scene. With a hunger to make a living off of his art, and be able to support his wife and kids, Prynce continues to learn grow and progress through his musical career day by day, hoping one day to go down as one of the greats.

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