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Corey S One Take


Corey S

Artist Bio:

Rap artist Corey S. is an Arizona Hip Hop scene innovator. He brings his own unique sound influenced by artist like Lil Wayne, Kanye, Joe Budden, Beenie Man, Shaggy, Buju Banton and Bob Marley. Not originally from Arizona, Corey S born in Illinois moved to Mesa, Arizona in 1999. He Graduated from Tempe McClintock High school in 2006. He began his rap career with the name (STD) Soares The Don. After releasing the mixtape (HIV) HITS IN VERSES in 2013, he decided to go with a more suitable name representing who he is, Corey S. Once doing so he was heavily sought after by local labels and music groups. He decided to align himself with Boogeyman and the respectable CONTRACKENT out of Maryvale, AZ. He immediately began to release a multitude of tracks on Sound Cloud. Doing so, his work was even more recognized by his peers and gave him exposure to where local promotional company Respect The Underground took notice. Corey S. ended up opening for Master P and No Limit Records and main staging for Young AZ in the 2ND ANNUAL AZ HIP-HOP FEST. Following that up with his highly acclaimed mixtape SLAP CITY released in 2016, the “OY! Movement” meaning YO backwards (defining his different approach to life) has been gaining momentum and is recognizable on record. He is now ready to make the jump to top tier in AZ and compete nationally with the best artist in the country. Corey S will be releasing a Mixtape/ Album (OYL) in early 2017. Which will be available on all major streaming/download sites. He has released 3 singles from (OYL) “With my Hands”, “So IRIE” and “FUH GOLD”. Also SLAP CITY will be re-released on DATPIFF and Sound Cloud for download. Soon the world will understand the message Corey S. conveys. That It is okay to be yourself. That it is okay to take your own route. That it is okay to set your own standard and goals. You can be your own critic and fan. You can be you. That is OY!

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