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One Take Contest V2 Winner Sin1



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Who is Sin1? The question that reigns throughout your mind is answered with ease when I say that Sin1 is an artist. As a child, Cory Morrison (Sin1) always knew he was destined for greatness. Throughout his childhood he studied different musicians in all different genres (rap to death metal) to get a good feel of what music really is. He learned to play guitar, bass, keyboard, and even the drums. With his goal of becoming a well know artist, he had to learn how to stand out...he had to learn to incorporate different sounds in his music...he had to learn what it truly means to be different, and with his unique sound, you can tell he has worked through tooth and nail to get there. He was even part of a Death Metal band just to spice things up a bit! With influences from Nirvana to Tech N9ne, Eminem, and Tupac, he took to the notebooks and began writing poetry which later was added to instrumentals to become music. He has gone great lengths to come to where he is today, and has reached out to many other artists for collaborations, and even has a Duo-Rap group (in which he compares to Strange Music's Ces Cru) called Generation Echo. This group is joined with his partner in Crime JGRZL (Joshua Green) and is also a musical delight to any fan of hip-hop. With all of this in mind, do you still ask, 'Who is Sin1?' If so, it is time for you to listen to one of the greatest up and coming artists of our generation...It is time for you to hear the Daydreams Of A Sinner.

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