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Double EE OneTake


Double EE

Artist Bio:

I'm a 17 year old rapper from Wisconsin. It was 22 degrees outside when we made this video lol. It took about 10 tries but me and my friends got it done and they supported me. In the end of the video we all freaked out because we were cold af and they wanted to leave, haha. I've been writing rhymes since i was 15 and I've been struggling to get my rap career started. Money has always been a bit of an issue. Even though I have a job at McDonald's I'm still broke (not fully my fault). I'm trying to save up for a lot of things right now and one goal in mind is to save enough to build my own in home studio. I want to learn how to mix and producer down the line and I'm working on getting a website so I can start selling and making t-shirts and maybe snapbacks and hoodies. I'm also hoping to create an album sometime later this year. I just have to save up for the beats I'm using and my home studio. I hope you like my OneTake. I used $84 for studio time because it took an hour and a half to get it as decent as it is. I still could've maybe done better with more time but I tried my best. If I win 1st place (or even 2nd or 3rd) I will be giving the director some money and then use the rest for building my in home studio and buying beats that I wrote to for my album. I know there are a lot of contestants but I hope you can see my talent in this OneTake. Thank you. Have a great day :) -Double EE

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