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Ayron COE One Take Contest Entry


Ayron COE

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My name is Aaron Reynolds, but most know me as Ayron COE. I'm an aspiring hip hop MC from Elkhart, Indiana. I've opened up for an abundance of major artists such as Plies, Twista, Shawnna, Bonecrusher, Dj Drama, etc.. I've succeeded in multiple rap battles hosted in my city; I have also received the rap competition prize at a local bar nearly every single week. In my career so far, I have been featured in multiple magazines including: Barebones Ent., Slug Magazine and Faygo Louvers. My music has been heard on four different stations in three different states, including my single 'Cold World,' which has won a spot on the Coast to Coast Nationwide Mixtape Distribution. I have made an appearance on Video City TV--an MTV sponsored show in New York. Sacrificing some of the most important things in my life, I've traveled to a variety of cities to perform on my own expenses. I do everything whole-heartedly and nothing can stop me from doing so. I have a deep passion for all that I do in my music career. I write music every single day of my life and don't plan to stop anytime soon. Many of my fans call me a monkey on stage because of the energetic oar I radiate throughout the audience. I recently ended my fourth national tour with world renowned Dj: Mr. Dj Clay and Zug Izland. Now I'm actually on 3 consecutive ran tours as we speak, The 'Hard work pays off' The Freedom' and the 'LSILG' tour with more planned for the end of the year. I've completed 3 different mixtapes and 1 album thus far-- all received astonishing feedback. My name is known nationwide, and will continue to keep growing. The motto I live by is: 'Love shown is love got.' I completely abide by this with each and every person I interact with in this world. I've got much more to talk about, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

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