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Budget Entry with Millionaire Bars



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I've been chasing this for a while. From being on stage with Tech N9ne AND Hopsin (New Orleans 2014 Knock Madness your, Futuristic opened for Hop, great night), to growing a buzz in the area, this would be an amazing opportunity to take-off. I wasn't able to hit the studio/find some to record the video so I went barebones. Hope I can make it up there, the money would be nice but I'd just put it towards working on my album. This year has been horrible so far; between my girl leaving me day after we made a year together (and finding out she cheated), my car breaking and having to sink my entire tax refund into fixing it, struggling to find work, and more; music has kept me sane. I write, day and night; nowhere near where I know I can be, I can only get better. My first album is done just getting the money together to finish recording and make physical copies. Second album and another project are on the works. I just need a shot. Hope this is it. Talk to y'all soon. Much love. #SHEESH

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