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Imma Make It Educational



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The Coolest Dork You Know. Representing Wisconsin. Lyrics: 25 hundred-dollar bills is enough pay. On a One-Take, alphabetical gunplay. I know you’re thinking that it probably took a month straight. Update y’all: I wrote it all in one day! Futuristic, what’s the deal bruh? This is everything you’re looking for, it isn’t debatable. Let me show you what I’m learning, I’mma make it educational. The grades kinda slipping cause I’m overly dedicated to switching occupations. Couldn’t choose a major, not to mention I was tired of staying up writing papers. Used to say 'No Way' to writing rhymes, now I’m feeling like 'The Greatest' so were kinda relatable. To be honest the money was not a part of the equation. Deriving my style from my own inspiration. From basic to needing an annotation so the second listen needs a contemplation with a 100% of your concentration. Me and Futuristic in a compilation? Probably knocking down entire populations. I’mma switch it up, drop it down and pick it up. Flexing and finessing with the bars that I’m lifting up. Flow graceful, homie I’m grateful to show I’m original when the other’s copy/paste flows. Last year in the belly of the beast was the first time I ever put myself on a beat. I got an email, another opportunity from AKT, this time a clean sweep. Should I give a 16, Or bo-bo-body it? It’s only been year but I’m prime like Optimus. An optimist I’m positive I want you to acknowledge that the level of knowledge I’m giving higher than a college’s. One Take is enough for the kid, I try to get it perfect so I don’t have to polish it. All state with the hits and I push it to the limit of potential like I’m tryna get a scholarship. Hit a couple key points in the pitch. Concluding with knocking this take off the list. The presentation was an honor to make and the name Commercial, bro you know what it is. What you thinking I’mma finish like a gentleman? You must’ve underestimated, I’m a different specimen. Dressing like the president and rapping like a legend it’s a deadly combination if you think about the elegance. This my One Take, more like 200 million other takes, but it’s all in one take. I’m good with raps I’m having fun mayne. If I’m not top 5 you’re tripping. Matter fact, top 3 That’s a given. If I’m not top 2 you’re lying, cause I’m really top prize number one Just listen. Commercial

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