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Video Name:

One Take prod AKTAktion


Davis Absolute

Artist Bio:

I go by Davis Absolute and I am a Christian rap artist with a desire to serve the Lord with my gift and glorify Christ with my music. I was raised as a Christian but never experienced Christ's love until much later in my life when He called me to surrender. Since my renewal in Him, my life and calling were all surrendered to His will and kingdom. I've been rapping for more than 4 years as a Christian artist and I've had the blessing and opportunity to serve in multiple capacities from small ministry events to large sold out shows. I've seen lives changed and hearts encouraged through this simple gift - rap. I present myself as a hip hop artist with a message; that’s far from the media’s inaccurate representation of life’s true meaning. Love, Life, Religion and the struggle of trying beat to your circumstances are woven throughout lyrics of a truth that’s heartfelt and absolute. I was born to a military family, influence by hip hop at an early age when hearing artists like Nas, the Fugees, Saigon, Rakim, Lupe Fiasco, and Kendrick Lamar; you can find traces of those great artists in my music. My goal is to spread the Gospel of Christ, positivity and true happiness through my music, aiming to captivate those listening. This is the way hip hop is supposed to be, venturing outside the realm of material possessions and short-lived pleasures with a focus on something that is real and eternal. In the last 4 years I've been able to work with awesome people on ever growing platforms.

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