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Julius in One Take



Artist Bio:

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Juliu$ lived all around, as well as Chaparral, NM when he was younger, he grew up listening to a big variety of rap and hip hop music. Riding around with his father jamming out to artists like Westside Connections, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and more which really sparked his interest into creating his own music. As he got older he went to record at Paradox Studios, it was then that he realized he would take music more seriously. Went to Phoenix AZ to study as an audio engineer for The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences where he got certifications in many aspects of the audio engineering realm, and is also designing shoes on the side, which will also be a big success in the near future. Today he is building his name, putting together a team and collaborating with Tha Ayleyes from Pensacola Florida and Kastastrophy from Philly. They collaborated together and created “I-10 Connection” a mixtape that is hosted by DJ Smallz & DJ Shurefire of Southern Smoke. They also dropped their 2nd mixtape installment hosted by DJ Flipcyide 'I-10 Connection II: The Takeover'. Most songs were recorded at Tallcat Studios and The Record Parlor. Soon after, Juliu$ dropped a mini project, that was recorded at 759 productions called 'The Verse Tape' with Vogue 303 on the ones and twos which got much praise in the hip hop community. All this, while he continues to represent and show love for his hometown. He loves to motivate the masses on getting money, staying positive, and succeeding in life as he expresses his life of trials and tribulation through his music. His vision is to succeed and to continue to reach his short and longterm goals. His favorite quote that gets him through each day is to 'Chase goals, not dreams because dreams only comes to those who sleep'.

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