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Dark Road


Riddy K

Artist Bio:

Riddy K, born Richard King, is an artist from Central California. Born and raised in Oildale/Bakersfield, his music is inspired by the tumultuous life he lived. In and out of juvenile detention, foster homes, group homes and surrounded by the some of the most sordid environments there are, he always felt out of place and had the desire to climb out of the gutter he was born in. A guitar player, producer, emcee and huge fan of music, the range of styles you will hear in his music is wide and well worth the listen. With lyrical prowess that is arguably unparalleled, Riddy K is an artist to look out for as he continues to put out albums, singles and gain notoriety. You can find Riddy K's music on: PANDORA RADIO, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and all major digital distributors. @RiddyK661 on IG, FB, Twitter Dirthead Muzik on Youtube

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