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Take One Time



Artist Bio:

A kid raised in Cleveland as a foster at the age of 3 with older brothers and sisters. Never really knew parents and the eldest sister and brother left at 7 and was only living with 2 cousins and 2 brothers with foster parents. Started to write poetry at 10 and started rapping at 12. Victim of bullying since the 8th grade and thought of suicide at age 13 but because of hip hop and rap I could handle the pressure. Many people even in my family said I would be nothing and would turn out just like my father. Not the smartest kid in school and the only thing I knew how to do was rap so I quit football since no one treated me the same as everyone else and started doing rap and I feel like I belong here. The name perception came from people not being able to see whats in my vision and what I wanna do and telling me they know what I want. No one who doesnt know the feeling when stepping to the mic can see my vision. Right now Im just a 19 year old with a big dream and wanna just prove everybody wrong.

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