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NYC Dreams Part II: Revenge



Artist Bio:

My name is Cody-Rico. I love to sing and at times rap. I feel that singing is a way to express myself to the world. I like to rapping and writing song because it allows be to send a message to people with the help of a musical background. I want my music to help people that are going through hard times, and help them understand that you are going to go through hard times in life but you have to keep fight for your dreams. If my music can help at least one person, then I have accomplished something extraordinary. Two people that have inspired me to sing are Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson. One person that has a big effect on my life and has inspired me to rap is Pryde. His music has helped me get through problems in my life and I want my music to have the same effect that his music had on me, to other people. I hope you enjoy my videos. Work Hard And Dream Big.

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