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Nobody (Butta Comin)


Hippy Astro

Artist Bio:

Marshall Leonard Hannon A.K.A 'Hippy Astro' is a singer songwriter. Born in LA and raised in Ogden Utah. I grew up always loving music and in high school I started a band with best friend Brock Glasmann. After a couple years our high school band broke up but we still continued writing music together. In 2012 I moved back to LA and since then I've travelled and lived in California, Oregon, and for the past couple years have been repping Arizona. I continued writing, singing, and rapping throughout my west coast travels and growing as an artist and a person. I believe music is the best medication anyone can take. Music changes lives, it saves lives, and it inspires people. That is why I write. I write to inspire and will work my way to the top so that I can inspire worldwide.

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