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Vibrant Danamals


Last Sayso

Artist Bio:

Last Sayso (also known as 'Sayso') is a Psychedelic/Festival Hip-Hop group out of Fort Smith, Ar. Consisting of three main members, Loyol Col, Apexxx, and sosaysJay, they bring a new kind of presence to indie music. Sayso began their music career in 2014, performing at house parties and small venues around their town just as an entertaining hobby. Since then, they have grown to influence a care free, yet forward moving, lifestyle in their music. Stumbling across their love for Music Festivals in 2015, the 3 young MC's began to attend several and gain a following, performing at some such as Elephunk Music Festival, Byrdfest 13, Glowfest, and even beginning their own underground music festival called Camp Sayso. Self sufficient by producing their own music and videos, Last Sayso has obtained local and regional attention through their energized stage presence and funny, yet hype lyrical content!

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