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I Aint On The Internet



Artist Bio:

I know Ali Tomineek personally and I have had the privilege of meeting Futuristic. I enjoyed both of their albums, 'I Ain't Sorry' and 'As Seen On The Internet'. So much, in fact, that I name dropped every single song on both albums in order starting with Ali Tomineek's album. This was spread out through the entire song and I think it's what makes this entry unique. I am also based in Tempe, AZ. I have been rapping since the 8th grade but have only been recording since last year. I am super comfortable around people when it comes to my music and have yet to do a live show. This is just because I lack the resources. I am trying, however, so I won't let that be my excuse. After all, I am just trying to #BeSomeone.

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