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Fuck A Contest


Maniac (The Rapper)

Artist Bio:

Maniac, also known as Maniac (The Rapper), is a 24 year old lesbian rapper and producer. She was born and raised in Humboldt County, California. She started chasing her dreams of being a rapper at the young age of 11. She was also one of the first 'out' LGBQT rappers, and one of the very few female rappers in Humboldt County. In September of 2014, she moved to Aurora, Illinois, a city that is just an hour train ride away from Chicago. Maniac started performing live at the age of 14. She has performed live shows more times that anyone can remember or count. By the age of 15, she was throwing her own shows, because she noticed a lack of all ages hip hop concerts in Humboldt County. A lot of the shows she played, were fundraising events that she herself booked, performed at, promoted, and made happen. Maniac is not just a rapper, or a producer. She does everything pretty much by herself. She directs, edits, and promotes her music videos herself. Does her own graphics and mixtape/album covers herself. She also records, mixes, masters, writes, and promotes her own songs. She is back at making beats as well, so she is also starting to produce most of her songs. To sum it up, Maniac is a very talented, hard working, versatile, self sufficient artist, who deserves more recognition, and credit then she gets. Give her songs a listen, you won't be disappointed. I hope you all enjoy my entry! -Maniac

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