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No Clones


Dan Lily

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Independent recording artist from Louisville Kentucky one-fourth of the group TOTW. Born Daniel Chairs in 1995 Through out my life I've faced many hardships growing up as a half Black Half White male under a Mother of 3 who at times was Single and on her own. Forced into poverty and I was seeing abuse a lot through out my time as a child and rarely any love, my mother was always working to take care of my sisters and I, this shaped my viewpoints on the world and molded me to the man I am today. I fell in love with music at a young age around 12 is when I started really feeling a connection with Artist Like Kid Cudi who spoke to me with a similar pain and sang words of passion and happiness I was so unaccustomed too., this would lead to me looking deeper into myself and began writing poetry at a young age and performing in front of other friends and students at class until I was asked if I did any music. -Fast Forward time- In Short Conclusion I Daniel Chairs, raised myself.., to get to know the rest of my story then look forward with me to the upcoming release of my first EP Pieces of me. Release Date TBA

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