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Villian of the South by Tedde



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Lyrics: She looked into my eyes and realized she fell in love with a villain I took one glance then I realized I wasn't the one she was feeling I done loved you for o'so long sing me songs tell me stories How you love me so much Red Supreme laser beam Superman Glow on your soul Kyrptonite in your heart Reasons I'm fallin apart All of the art All of the time All of the time that went into art. Tell me why the sun rises After all of this violence Tell me why you keep smiling You are a medic and I swear that I'm healing What is this feeling I've felt for o'so long Do you sleep or do you slumber I wonder what kind of love could have ever fed my hunger Pain pinching my lungs How do I breath how do I grieve I weep in my sleep with dark clouds in my dreams I can be left in my lonesome but evil never leaves me Demons know the world needs me Always hungry don't let this stress eat me The feelings anemic desert me like phoenix Paramedics pulled me off the dreadmill Feared for my life indecisive on the pill count How will he live now! How will he heal now!! Put a tally on the kill count Couldn't make a band but I got the band to play I know you didn't want a serenade so I sat here and played the beat.

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