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Skinny Dean One Take Entry


Skinny Dean

Artist Bio:

Skinny Dean is a Minnesota emcee who was born and raised [part of his life] in Bosnia during the Yugoslavian war. In 1999 he lived in New York and was inspired by rap music. This artist is one who is very versatile with his subject matter in his songs. It's been about 10 years Dean has truly focused on bettering his craft as far as being a lyricist and artist. With almost 10,000 subscribers he was truly given a platform by freestyling off the top of the dome on video game servers. After doing it for fun many times he was finally on the front page of reddit which led him to be featured on a gamers youtube channel to freestyle who has over 1,000,000 subscribers. This gave him a chance to grow online and he is featured on other videos for his freestyle that have plenty of views as well. Now Skinny Dean is focusing on making music and getting his name out there in the music industry whether it is underground or mainstream. Regardless, he is most well known for his witty punchlines, complex rhyme schemes, and syllable tapping. No matter how many downfalls that made him fumble in life he always comes back and gets a rise from making more music.

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