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One Take Contest



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Tha Missin Piece, (HP) appeared on Paul Wauls Bobby Booshay Vol.1 Mixtape & toured with Diction in Canada. He was born and raised in Houston Texas and is from the South Side of Houston (Hiram Clarke to be exact). He is a Producer, Writer, Video Editor, Mentor and is the youngest of 3 kids, 1 brother and 1 sister. He attributes his witty but seriously conscious flow to his upbringing and constant touring of the states. His parents always told him to rhyme for a reason. His father passed away in 2010 due to cancer so he dedicates all he does to him. He is THA MISSIN PIECE because he can adapt, adjust and perfectly fit into any equation and make that puzzle complete. He played college Basketball in Dallas at Paul Quinn but injured his knee which slowed him down, but nevertheless helped him to hone in on life and Reality Rap. His production credits include, Black Child (Murda Inc), Diction, Foulmouth, Reddy Redd, Lyvenation, Pimp Lyfe, Queensley Felix (Sundays Best 2nd place contestant and guest on Oprah's network), and many more.....

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