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Cam Archer

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The music scene is very different these days. We no longer have division among the coasts, or even in genres. You can now hear EDM, mixing with jazz samples over a bass-heavy rap beat. One emcee wants to see his diverse musical influences of Lupe Fiasco, 50 Cent and Linkin Park come together to be a catalyst for an evolution in rap. Enter Cameron Inge, aka Cam Archer. Born in California's Inland Empire, Cam started rapping for fun in 2008. What started off as a hobby become more and more intriguing to Archer. He began to pay more attention to the styles, words and cadences of the artists whose music he enjoyed and was influenced by. Soon, he found himself thinking of rap as much more than a hobby. In 2010, Cam released his first project and he has been going nonstop ever since then. His work ethic is easily heard in his words and seen in the size of his musical catalog. Since 2010, Cam has released an awe-inspiring total of 8 projects. The music he creates is not only influenced by other rappers, but music of all genres. This is what has helped Archer create a musical style all his own. Cam is able to easily intertwine tales of bravado with pop-culture, anime and sport references, which make him a unique artist unlike any other. Archer wants his music to be heard all over the world, so it's only fitting his verses can be heard not only on his own projects, but projects from artists all over the US, France and South Africa. When you listen to a Cam Archer track, you are somehow able to be reminded of the golden-era of 90s rap while simultaneously being given a glimpse of the future. Archer is not only a rapper, but an emcee. With every clever punchline, he is paying homage to the rappers that came before him, while blazing a trail all his own. Cam hasn't been making music long, but it is easy to see he is working to be a legend and we are fortunate to witness the journey.

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