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More than we My Opinion and Natures Love but maybe more to come


SelfMade KAos

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I am a lover of all people who has a vision of changing the world with love. Many people share this vision I have, and I believe putting my words out there will help me connect with these people. Although I still want everyone to love themselves, so I really just hope everyone takes what I say personal and learns any amount of self love and forgiveness. Everyone deserves love. We make choices that condemn us mostly internally largely because we try to perceive what others think of us, and I want us all to forgive ourselves and everyone else. I see the possibility, everyday that I give my love and understanding to the world around me. My biggest wish is for everyone else to see it too. I just live to love.  I've always been a writer, but this will be my first time sharing what I put to a beat. The words feel like fire in my veins every time I say em, and I'm pleased to be the one who gets to play em

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