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Not Me


Delyric Oracle

Artist Bio:

Born in NYC and having traveled from continent to continent since she was about two months old, Delyric credits never having endured cultural relativism and a profoundly innate hatred of hypocrisy for her perspective on the world as it is not as it is shown to be from a very young age. The only person she took with her on her travels who seemed to relate to that perspective was Tupac, who in turn also influenced her in helping her to continuously stand up and stand against inequality, something which eventually made her an activist and heavily influenced her rhymes when she used rap as a way to let out some of the frustration that activism ultimately provided... in the last few years she has grown a loyal following of revolutionaries and Hip Hop heads and has moved on to create and run a label with her partner and husband called Delyric Entertainment, which is currently working with no other than Tupac's former dj and producer; King Assassin, someone Delyric long looked up to... this year she won Azilla's Female Artist of the Year award, and last year was nominated for the Hoodies' lyricist of the year award and won the Sage's Humanitarian of the Year Award.

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